New Reddit account created automatically


Any time I visit Reddit while not logged in, the browser logs me in using my Google account. I already have Reddit credentials saved in the browser, but for a different email address (non-Gmail). Nevertheless, the browser keeps using my Gmail account. Each time, it creates a new account in the background which I must manually delete. That is, I am not asked how or whether I want to log in; it happens automatically.

I have auto-login enabled; yet, any time I visit Reddit or YouTube, I have to sign in. Whereas YouTube provides the option to sign in upon loading up, Reddit simply proceeds with the process with no prompt. The same account gets used to sign in on both sites, and while it is the account which I use with YouTube, it is not the one I use with Reddit. I am not certain when this began, because I do not use Reddit frequently.

Does anybody have any experience with issues of this nature or know how to resolve this? I am using the latest version of MacOS in conjunction with the latest version of Brave.


Have you tried clearing site-data for Start by navigating to the site, then click the :lock: to the left of the address bar in Brave. From the dropdown, select Site Settings. On the next page, click Clear Data to delete all cookies and more associated with Reddit.

You can also check brave://settings/passwords in the browser, to see if you have credentials stored for If so, you may wish to clear/delete those.

After doing this, revisit Reddit to see if the problem persists.

Thank you for helping. The issue was resolved after I cleared stored cookies.

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Iā€™m happy to hear we were able to resolve the issue for you. All the best, and thank you again for using Brave :slightly_smiling_face:

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