Brave keeps logging me out of only google accounts

Issue: Upon closing and reopening Brave Browser, I noticed that all my Google accounts are automatically logged out. This problem is specific to Google accounts and does not affect other platforms like Reddit or Twitter.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log in to any Google account.
  2. Close Brave Browser.
  3. Reopen Brave Browser.
  4. Check the login status of Google accounts.
  5. Discover that I’m required to log in once again.

Expected Result: I expect to remain logged in to my Google accounts even after closing and reopening Brave.

Brave Version: Version 1.57.57 Chromium: 116.0.5845.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

  • I’ve attempted solutions like resetting settings and clearing cache, but they haven’t worked.
  • I’ve verified that the “remove cookies and site data upon exit” setting is not enabled.
  • This issue is relatively recent; Brave Browser functioned correctly before.
  • Interestingly, non-Google accounts (Reddit, Twitter, etc.) remain logged in.
  • This issue extends beyond personal Google accounts. Organization emails, including my university email, are also subjected to automatic logout.

I’ve thoroughly explored similar community posts to find a solution and have exhuasted all recommended options. Consequently, I’m considering the possibility that this could be linked to an extension. Admittedly, I’m no tech expert, and I might be completely off-base here.

For context, I haven’t made any adjustments to extension settings and have been using them in the same manner for years.

Active Extensions:

  • A03 Enhancements
  • Better History
  • Dark Reader
  • Enhancer for YouTube
  • Free Download Manager
  • Grammarly
  • Infinite Dashboard
  • Onetab
  • Return YouTube Dislike
  • Scrollin
  • Sponsorblock for YouTube
  • The Marvelous Suspender
  • uBlock Origin
  • Volume Master
  • Web Highlights
  • YouTube Full Titles for Videos

Please advise and thank you for your assistance(s) in advance.


i have the same issue. this has happened before, but went away randomly and recently returned after i updated to version 1.57.64.

I’m also facing this problem now with version v1.58.124

I’m also having this problem since a week ago. Mine is version 1.58.135. Brave only logouts my google account but the rest is fine

I’m facing the same issue, only have 3 extensions (AdBlock and JSONVue), using vanilla config since I installed brave quite recently (Version 1.58.137 Chromium: 117.0.5938.153). Only happens to google accounts (currently using gmail and youtube).

mine also keep logging out :frowning:

Brave has something called Ephemeral Storage, it doesn’t block 3p cookies, it isolate them in a temporary storage that nobody has access to, only the 1p domain requesting it.

Youtube and Google are different domains, so google cookies are treated like 3p, that means that you can log in, but once youtube is closed, 30 seconds the cookies and other storage data linked to youtube 1p and 3p will disappear.

That’s my theory. You should check brave://settings/content/all and see if when you login, the storage is being added to Persistent storage, if not they are in the Ephemeral.

Then you can go brave://settings/cookies and add [*.] as allowed cookies, or add [*.] with third-party checkbox, then test again if it keeps you logging out.

Recently Brave made a change where logging to google with legacy methods is requested as a permission. So they removed the option Allow Google login buttons on third party sites which was on by default and used to have Firebase and Google account cookies whitelisted/allowed, and this could be the issue since if Google cookies are treated like 3p, I am not sure if they will be read after a restart.



You should test this properly to know exactly if it is what I say or not.

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I’m struggling to determine whether my login credentials are being stored in Persistent or Ephemeral storage. My attempts at self-diagnosis may contain inaccuracies, leading to inconclusive results.

I’ve always had Allow Google login buttons on third party sites enabled enabled and have doubled ensured that the relevant Google login cookies were listed as allowed cookies. And just to be thorough, I’ve also permitted [*.] in cookie settings as you’ve recommended.

However, even with these settings, when I close the browser and return, I’m still prompted to log in again :frowning:

Your expertise is greatly appreciated. If you can shed light on how to ascertain whether logins are stored in Persistent or Ephemeral storage and provide any potential solutions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance and insights.

Yeah but the button was removed, and you get switched automatically to the new version.
If you are able to log in, that means it cookies work, you are not blocking cookies, so they are either in Persistent or Ephemeral Storage.

So let’s go step one.

go to brave://settings/shields and check if you still get the Google button Toggle.

If you don’t, then go to brave://settings/cookies and take a screenshot or something to show what you have there.

and then go to brave://settings/content/all and check to see if Google, gmail, Youtube and whatever other Google owned services are getting added.

When you log in, click on the View Site Information icon the one image next to the URL, then go to Cookies and Site data and manage cookies and site data check to see what it says, if it says:

From sites you are viewing that means First party, those don’t get isolated.

the ones that get isolated are anything under From other sites, if they say Not allowed to save data to your device that means it is getting Isolated, and you can easily allow it by clicking on the 3 lines menu ☰ next to it and select anything, then click the same ☰ again and then you will see Allow to save data.

You could also like clear stuff google related stuff in brave://settings/content/all, then login, then make sure you are getting data saved there, then restart browser and check if the same elements are there or it changed.
If you don’t see something in the all page that you saw in the View Site Information, then you can open Devtools (F12) go to Application, then Cookies and see what cookies are in whatever domains it shows you.

And then compare it. But just using View Site Information should be enough to tell you if something is isolated or not and what would be removed on site/browser closing.

I know people who use Youtube and don’t have issues though.

Maybe you can try a new profile? if you have windows you can always go to Program files and find Brave.exe. Then right click and open in terminal

then do a brave.exe --user-data-dir=%USERPROFILE%\desktop\temp then test it in a complete new environment.

Also you can open the browser with no extensions in case something is doing something weird brave.exe --disable-extensions

This way you will discard any potential issue that have to do with flags or extensions or settings.

So I tested it in a computer with Youtube and google and it works fine. I even enable the Google permission login prompt thing and removed all data from google and youtube and it worked fine as well.

Might want to do the brave.exe --disable-extensions and brave.exe --user-data-dir=%USERPROFILE%\desktop\temp to add a complete new user data on Desktop where you can easily remove it after checking if it works or not. You don’t need to close your current normal browser to do this, they work in dependently, like two different Brave instances.

To see if it is something about your data. should be around Program Files → BraveSoftware → Brave-Browser (if stable) → Application → brave.exe. I don’t install it in Program Files so I don’t know where it is though.

Still check brave://settings/cookies to see if everything is in order and brave://settings/content/all to see if stuff is getting added.

I noticed first when you login you get a data and then when i restarted, it added but everything worked as expected.

Hi, thanks for responding again so quickly, I greatly appreciate your assistance.

I’ve done some thorough checks and I can confirm that cookies are indeed being added correctly, and I’ve ruled out any interference from browser extensions.

Initially, I was quite hopeful because I thought I’d found a solution by enabling the #brave-google-sign-in-permission flag, as mentioned in the deleted comment. However, it turns out that this was just wishful thinking; it didn’t resolve the issue.

At this point, I’m starting to suspect that the problem might be related to my data. It’s a bit perplexing because I wouldn’t even know where to begin when it comes to dissecting all of it. What’s particularly puzzling is that I copied my profile from another laptop where Brave works perfectly without any issues.

Could the only way out of this be to reluctantly part with all my data? If it’s indeed a data-related problem, I’m concerned that a backup and a fresh Brave installation might not be the applicable fix. Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :sweat:

All that matters in a browser is the User Data, you can surely remove useless data that will be re-created.
So reinstalling is usually not the solution unless you are installing a new version or you want to switch from Program Files (All user) to a Per-User installation.

Copying data from another computer had to remove some stuff like cookies and passwords which are encrypted. Maybe some error in the files persisted.

That’s why running Brave with a complete new profile as I said with brave.exe --user-data-dir=%USERPROFILE%\desktop\temp can help you see stuff without all the noise from your normal data.

Have you checked the state of your Disk? sometimes loss of data is part of your data getting corrupted.

So you could check the files, what happens to them. all your data should be in %localappdata%/bravesoftware/brave-browser/user-data/default if only one profile, if not profile # .

In your profile Cookies in Network Folder and then the others are labeled as Local Storage and Session Storage and IndexedDB… Cookies is the only one in a different place, that doesn’t make sense. But monitor the file, and see if it is getting modified on exit by seeing the access and modified times, you could also remove it since data will be re-created later, in case there is a bug in the structure from the other computer, when the browser is closed you can open it with a SQLite viewer program, even if the values are encrypted, you can still make sense of it by names and domain etc.

I mean, you could also rename Preferences file, start with new Preferences and see if it works or something, delete most folders and stuff (not the extensions or extensions data, just the ones like Cache, storages and so on. and that way clean your profile from the ‘old’ stuff.

Sounds strange how you have this issue, it shouldn’t happen, and like I said, it could even be a disk issue if you have a SSD.

Sometimes what I do is rename the Default start over and copy from old Default little by little, like you just copy the files on top level Default folder, bookmarks and all that, then any folder that says Extensions and start from there, because you will have a brand new profile but will all the relevant user data, but that way if it works, then you don’t need to do the job again and keep using it.

I recently ran an SSD corruption scan, and fortunately, nothing came up in the results - so green on that.

To ensure the safety of my browser data, I’m thinking about cloning the data from my default profile to a testing profile and then systematically deleting files to identify the issue. As far as I understand, I should be able to preserve my bookmarks, opened windows, extensions, and browsing history in the process. I’m just planning to start fresh with preferences and cookies.

So here’s my checklist for file cloning and starting fresh:

  • extensions (rules, scripts, state) folder
  • local extension settings
  • local storage
  • sessions file folder
  • bookmarks.file
  • extensions cookies.file
  • history.file

Is there anything else I should consider cloning over, or perhaps something from this list that’s better off starting fresh? Am I correct in assuming that the key elements to start fresh with are preferences, login data, and cookies? Also, if I reset my preferences, will I need to reconfigure my settings and flags from scratch?

I’m genuinely grateful for your assistance and insight. Thank you!

Allow Google login for extensions
In extensions under settings there is this option, Flip it on and You are good to go.

version 160.114…I have “Allow Google login for extensions” enabled…this does not help. it still deletes my google account info every time I restart Brave.


As a new user, this has been an irritation. Especially when I have multiple accounts that I manage and have to reconnect to each one every time this happens.

I changed the setting to allow for Google login for extensions, hoping that’s the end of this.

NOPE, lost it all again. This is frustrating and the work around seems overly complicated just to keep me logged into an account I frequently use. Maybe Brave just isn’t for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I think I figured out what my issue was, I must have toggled the setting shown in the screen capture at some point. So it was forgetting me intentionally. I’m hoping this was the problem anyway. I’ll report back if this wasn’t it.

Its been 5 days since I installed brave and have tried all solutions I’ve seen here and sadly, nothing’s worked. Perhaps brave isn’t for me. I use my google accounts a lot and I can’t keep logging in every single time. It is a HUGE deal breaker as far as I’m concerned. 2 more days, and I’m uninstalling.


I had to get a new OS because my old machine kept crashing randomly. But unlike the Brave browser on my old machine, I’m facing this issue too. Well, actually, my case is far worse than getting logged out of my Google accounts, as this is the issue for all of my other email accounts in the newly installed browser. And before you say anything, I’ve already tried all the solutions in this thread and the other ones talking about this same problem, but none of them works.

I have the same problem (Brave Version v 1.61.109)