Google Keeps Me logging out of Google accounts

Description of the issue: Brave browser logouts me from Google accounts whenever I reopen Brave after closing it, every time I have to log in to my Google accounts I am fed up with it. please devs help me!
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Log in to any Google account.
  2. Close Brave Browser.
  3. Reopen Brave Browser.
  4. Check the login status of Google accounts.
  5. Discover that I’m required to log in once again.

Expected result: remain logged in to my Google accounts even after closing and reopening Brave.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.61.114

Additional Information: * ’ve attempted solutions like resetting settings and clearing the cache, but they haven’t worked.

  • I’ve verified that the “remove cookies and site data upon exit” setting is not enabled.
  • This issue is relatively recent; Brave Browser functioned correctly before.
  • Interestingly, non-Google accounts (Reddit, Twitter, etc.) remain logged in.
  • This issue extends beyond personal Google accounts. Organization emails, including my university email, are also subjected to automatic logout.

I’ve thoroughly explored similar community posts to find a solution and have exhausted all recommended options. Consequently, I’m considering the possibility that this could be linked to an extension. Admittedly, I’m no tech expert, and I might be completely off-base here.

For context, I haven’t made any adjustments to extension settings and have been using them similarly for years.

In shields, there will be an option like forget me when i close this site or something similar , if that option is turned on, you will be logged out as well…

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