Enabling Google Auto Log-In


I’m using the latest Brave Beta on MacOS and want to know how to setup the Google auto-login feature. The reason is that I’m using a corporate account that needs this to function correctly. If I use Chrome, then everything works but I can’t get things to operate correctly using Brave. I don’t mind the auto login as I need this to work within my corporate environment but still want the other features of Brave on different sites, rather than be forced to use Chrome.

The behaviour in Chrome is for example:

Access GMail, login OK
My user name at the top right switches to my user account
I can then access Google Drive etc.

On brave, I can login to GMail but it doesn’t change the user account at login point. I can see my email, but the Google identity does not login in and selecting it doesn’t show me as logged in.

I have tried disabling all the shields but doesn’t seem to work.



Hi @magoonet,
I’m sorry for late response.

Brave removed this functionality and have no this feature. Re: Google Accounts to sign-in to the browser – if I’m not misinterpreted your post.



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