New options for the behavior during closing tab process

Hello, i would like to ask you to established in Brave’s Settings the set of options to update the browser’s behaviour during closing tab process. I will explain this on an example below. Well, I do not want to mention that another alternative forked Chrome browser offering this option. But the truth is that i enjoying this feature a lot. And i would like to see this option in Brave too! I would like to make from Brave my primary browser, but there is few things (mainly with tab handling) i am waiting to be resolved, hopefully;)

So here is the example: I have 10 tabs opened. From the 6th tab i have created via its page web links four “child” tabs - the 7th one, the 8th one, the 9th one and the 10th tab. So for those four tabs (7th, 8th, 9th & 10th) the 6th tab is the “mother” tab. I am on 6th “mother” tab now, then I go from this 6th “mother” tab to the 9th “child” tab. Then i close the 9th tab. AND HERE COMES THE POINT OF THE UPDATE:

- 1st new option in Settings menu: after i close the 9th “child” tab the browser will skip on the MOTHER TAB (in this case the 6th “mother” tab).

- 2nd new option in Settings menu: after i close the 9th “child” tab the browser will skip on the PREVIOUS TAB (in this case the 6th "mother tab).

For now the Brave browser simply skips just on the nearest tab waiting in order… So for now i struggle with this and i am forced to use a lot the mouse, which is delaying and not-productive (at least for those they prefer to use the keyboard).

I work with many many tabs opened and i am sure that that many user will welcome these options too. So I REALLY REALLY ask you for the implementation of these two options, please! It will be a huge improvement for Brave browser, and really big productivity tool in manipulation with tabs.

Thank you.