[Mobile Suggestion] close tabs after a period of time

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I´ve been using brave on desktop for a few months and now installed it in my phone too. It´s working great! Nonetheless, I would like to suggest a new quality of life feature to close tabs if they are not opened for a period of time.
I usually open tabs to read news or whatnot and close the app without closing the tab, so in no time I have a number of tabs opened. A feature where you could define a number of days, let´s say 7, and after 7 days of a tab not being opened it would be closed to avoid having to manually close tabs you no longer care about. With this, you would also have to have the option to mark a tab that you would want to NOT be closed no matter how much times pass.

Thank you for your time

Closing tabs manually is annoying af for me. I’d like to close tabs automatically when I close the browser but that doesn’t seem to work for me