New Brave Wallet - Trouble processing transactions on Aave (Polygon)

I have a Trezor connected to the new Brave Wallet and cannot get transactions to process on Aave (Polygon Network). They processing just fine on the old crypto wallets extension. I was able to get transactions to process on Curve (Polygon). When trying to process a transaction on Aave, I make it through the confirmation screens on the hardware wallet but never make it to the last step where you have to hold to confirm the transaction. The message on Aave is as follows: Transaction failed with the reason: Error processing the transaction

I have the exact same issue. Had to result to using metamask again

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Since yesterday same coins are not working for any kind of transaction.
That will take maybe 1 or 2 days.
Everything is fine :wink:
Keep going

Check Coinbase and See it yourself…

Yep, I also had to switch back to metamask. Transactions are working fine with Aave (polygon) in metamask, but not on the new Brave Wallet. Not sure what @Cajonosama was referring to regarding coins not working and Coinbase but it seems like another unrelated issue. This issue is only affecting the combination of Brave Wallet and Aave. I imagine since it’s a brand new wallet there could be other compatibility issues yet to be discovered

Could you try with today’s hotfix(1.32.113) release and let us know if you’re still experiencing any issues?

Thank you. Looks like that fixed it. I was able to complete a transaction on Aave.

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