Removal of Brave v1 Shields Flags

The removal of the flags which enabled users to revert back to Brave v1 Shields is forcing us all to use the new v2 Shields.

This is simply one step too far

This proves that Brave developers DO NOT CARE WHAT WE WANT.

They have completely ignored requests for more fine grained control over the Shields and taken a retrograde step which makes the UI of the Shields less functional and less easy to use.

The Brave developers are simply NOT listening to what Brave users want.

It is time to dump Brave and look for a new browser.

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And they started out so well,…


I agree, removing the flags for V1 is going backwards. Time to fire-up the fox again and add a few extensions. Even though its a clunky way to do it, at least I know whats happening.

During these modern times privacy is more important than ever. I have spent considerable time keeping my systems as secure as I can and this just gives me something more to be concerned about.

I don’t think they heard about the rule ‘if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it’


Does anyone know a place we can check to know if there is a rationale somewhere for why this flag was removed or whether this might be a temporary thing (for whatever reason)?

I might not click on it every single day right now, but one of the top features that originally attracted me to this browser a while back was the easy availability of top privacy controls. I wasted a lot of time searching to find what even happened the first time the “legacy” view went away, and now, I see it is gone and can’t be reinstated.

I totally understand having the current view as default but the flag being removed entirely just doesn’t make sense to me. :confused:

(edit: removed another concern that is no longer accurate)

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