Hotkey to change shield settings or toggle scripts?

I’m on MacOS (11.6.1) using Brave (1.32.113). I’m hoping someone can help me with my two biggest annoyances with Brave:

  1. When you’re in an incognito window and you click the shields it always shows the little pop-up “Changing Shield settings in this view may affect web compatibility on this site.” which requires an extra click and is otherwise just annoying. Is there a preference buried somewhere to turn that nag screen off? Maybe a terminal command I can run to change defaults write com.brave.Browser ?

  2. Is there any way to configure a hotkey to open the shields view? Or better yet to toggle scripting on or off for the page that has focus? It would be a lot easier if you could turn scripts back on with one keystroke instead of three mouse clicks.

Thanks for your help.

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