Updated design for Brave Shields.?

OK. So how do I see the list of items blocked?
It was easy before, but now I can’t figure it out.

@Passenger ,

Click on the number

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 4.14.35 PM

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Thank you. Now that I know how, I like the new way better.

@Mattches , @Passenger ,

Unfortunately, there is a regression.

The previous Shields design provided for you to individually select scripts that you would allow . . . among the blocked. You could, therefore, Allow the known good ones, and continue to Block the other scripts.

The updated Shields design (Brave Browser v1.38.109) does NOT provide the feature. Clicking on either of the following, does NOT provide any allowance:

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 10.52.22 PM

Brave Browser v1.37.116:


Illustration (borrowed from Brave Help Center):

Created a new topic re this issue; and @Mattches replied:


Why did they do this? That was the point of having shields I thought. For example, now for Googlemap to function with brave I have to allow all the scripts to run in order to see info on hotels and resorts. I liked the fact that before I just had to allow a couple of scripts to run a site rather than allowing all to run.
Using Linux Mint 20.3

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@maddad ,

“liked the fact that before I just had to allow a couple of scripts to run a site rather than allowing all to run”



The new desgin of Shield is disastrous!


Please reinstate the option to individually block / allow scripts. Blocking scripts wholesale is useless!!


Haven’t tried it, but wouldn’t it be possible to write an exception filter for the scripts you like? Just to get going.

But I agree on general principle that if functionality was removed it should be restored, unless there is some serious security issue involved.

I noticed the shields regression too, the changes you make are permanent. Before you could allow it for one time only so that when you closed Brave the settings would revert back to where they were before you made a change. It changes it in the Brave settings as well, so you have to remember to change the settings back before you exit the site. Now its a pain to use again. What happened to “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” ?

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