Adding more sites to Brave Today

Hey Guys,

The new “Brave Today” feature is great. But can you add more Indian news sources? Currently there isn’t any news source from India.



I believe we are working adding an option to manually include certain sites into the feed but not sure how far away that is. Note that, if you haven’t already, you can hit Customize while scrolling Brave Today and toggle sites you do or don’t want on the feed on/off:


Thanks @Mattches, I have checked that. The option to add our custom feed would be great in upcoming releases.


It would be great to have news in many different languages!

I’m mainly interested in news but all the ones listed are liars😁. I need to add the ones I trust a little more than NYT and WAPO like Epoch Times, Gateway Pundit and WND. I am also in Denmark so need to Danish media too.

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At least two of those – NYT and WAPO – are available to add to Brave Today (on the NTP, click Customize --> Brave Today --> News ).

I suggest adding

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I agree with the original post, i’m looking for two specific new outlets such as:


I did see the post from Mattches, which sounds awesome, but its still lacking outlets id love to see!

Thank you!

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