'Brave Today' Lacking Inclusivity

I recently noticed the Brave Today feature; if you scroll on a new tab/fresh session you can view customizable news selections. I went through selecting topics and news sources I’d like to follow and couldn’t help but notice several well known journalistic websites were missing from the selection. There are zero LGBT news sources. I was surprised Advocate, Towleroad, and Queerty were not given options. Despite this, Christian News Science is a given option and I just wanted to point out it doesn’t look great for Brave given the well known trouble Brendan Eich has had over his opposition to same-sex marriage. I’m willing to look past his history as long as moving forward he doesn’t let his politics influence Brave’s functionality for all people.

Additionally the only news source that might be considered ‘leftist’ is Democracy Now! and even then their coverage is predominately objective in contrast to the other news sources provided. I’d like to see Jacobin, The Intercept, and Common Dreams included.

What metrics are used to select news providers for this feature? If traffic is the only metric than there is a lack of inclusivity for minority demographics who would otherwise enjoy the services Brave provides.

Thanks in advance to the Brave community. Much Love.

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Several factors listed here: https://brave.com/brave-today-content/ including fastest, reliable, valid, verified, popular RSS feeds.


You shouldn’t admonish a Christian news site for their beliefs in an effort to gatekeep ideas you don’t personally agree with, while simultaneously complaining about “a lack of inclusivity.”

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Thanks @gmacar for answering my question!

In what way did I ‘admonish’ a Christian news site? Nor am I gatekeeping. I did not request their removal or even say I disagree with their ideas. I was just pointing out that there are other news sites listed that cater to specific communities but none that cater to a community that Brendan Eich as been in hot water with in the past.

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