New Brave Crypto Wallet Features

I don’t know if it is even possible but what if there was a security feature available to lock in your existing crypto wallet password. So putting in the correct seed phrases will not allow you to change password.
Also an additional feature for your wallet that you can choose to be responsible for is when you decide to import your account must provide both your seed phrase and password.
I don’t know if this has been suggested before or if it can be even done but if it could would it be worth it?

Hello, what you just suggested has already been raised and what you are proposing is a Password System which can be done, Your comment does not go with your Title I know you can work it, Show us really how you want the password system to be “New Brave Crypto Wallet” and what we can add to improve it and break the competition into a thousand pieces, we are not yet motivated to create it but it is something that can be done, both with the help of the users who contribute the ideas and the programmers of Brave Browsers, give us reasons and more ideas to say, It’s time to invest in Bats for everyone.

Your idea is valued, we are interested in your mind, you will not be compensated and your idea may be reflected, but can you imagine your project in real time working and say, I have created that? :smiley:

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