Add more security to Brave Wallet

Could you please expand the security by adding an optional 13-th word aka passphrase to the wallet seedphrase during wallet creation?
More optional security doesn’t hurt and makes your users feel more comfortable with your product.
If not, what’s the reason for it?

That’s currently the only reason why I use MyCrypto/MyEtherWallet over Brave Wallet.


@FireDragon Thanks for the request.

Enhancing security options for our users is always an area we want to consider.

We also know, if we want to offer a feature like this, that we need to bring it into the product in a very thoughtful way and making sure that the user knows the exact consequences of using this flow.

I will update this thread if something more concrete goes into the pipeline. In the meantime, we will be doing some research and design on this feature.



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this is not something brave would necessarily do. It was determined that 12 words was plenty secure but the consensus . If you want to have an additional 12 words for a total of 24 then buy a hardware wallet.

Only these sizes are supported:
12, 15, 18, 21, or 24
You can create a 24-word seed phrase with another wallet and restore in Brave though.