How can I change the password for my Brave crypto wallet?

In brave://wallet/, how can I change my password for the wallet?

Hi @Jerry0. I was actually forced to do this earlier today. I went to sign-in, but it just kept loading. After about 15 min. I refreshed and attempted again twice but received “incorrect password”. So, restored my account, made a new password, and it’s all good now.

You need your seed phrase to do this.

Also, I haven’t started using this wallet yet, so I wasn’t worried about losing transaction history, etc.

Thanks for your info.

I prefer not having to reset the wallet because I’d like to be able to retain the existing history online without having to export a CSV first.

Seems that a straightforward “Change password” feature should be there. If it is, I can’t find it.

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Yeah, I agree.

But no, there isn’t. Maybe in some future update. :crossed_fingers:

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