2FA for every transaction in Brave wallet

Would be cool if you guys add 2FA for every transaction. This way would be far less lost funds if someones wallet get hacked.

The problem is that if someone has your seed words, it doesn’t matter if there is 2FA in the wallet that is setup already. Someone could just restore your seed words and then perform a transaction in a different wallet.

How about multi factor authentication.

2 email addresses, SMS and brave account username+ password just to see the restoring seed phrase?


I know. even if you have security out of this world if someone has you seed phrase you are rekt! But 2fa will be extra layer of security for people who are not morons and giving their seed phrase.
Your funds can be drained even if you didn’t give your seed enayone. Talking about token approvals. That’s why 2fa for every transaction. Of course it need to be optional.


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