Netflix Full Screen Issue

When I move brave browser from PC screen to TV screen and then click the full-screen button, it doesn’t go 100% full-screen.

Arrows shows my desktop wall paper.
I then need to open up another brave browser (or chrome), drag it onto the TV, make the browser full-screen and then move it back to the PC screen.
I then click the full-screen button on netflix to make it small again and then like it again to make it full-screen and only then does it cover the whole screen.

Version 0.68.132 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @focussss, thanks for writing in – cc @Mattches - can you take a look, please!

How is your PC connected to your TV – I assume via HDMI?

Correct. It is connected via HDMI

Do Chrome or any other browsers behave in the same way? There’s a chance it’s a browser issue but I think it’s more likey related to your PCs display settings. When I connect my windows machine to my TV via HDMI, I usually (regardless of app) have to adjust the display settings to set it just right.

Test and see if you can reproduce the issue in other apps/browsers (Chrome specifically would be a good test).

This was an old Chrome bug I remember. But Chrome fixed that issue a few updates ago. To fix it I had to take the browser out of maximize mode - minimize mode and then click full screen on the video player youtube/netflix.

I can confirm that this does not happen with Chrome or Firefox.
Only with Brave.

Edit: I realized it happens with other videos sites too not just Netflix

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