Fullscreened videos Youtube/twitch etc getz "zoomed" or screen "moves"


So I have a bit of a weird issue. I updated recently to Windows 11.
And i’ve so far tried with Youtube & Twitch.
If i full screen & i Alt tab, the screen either zooms or more likely it moves up.
So at the bottom, i see a slight bit of my desktop wallpaper. I hope this screenshot captures it, i can give a better one otherwise.

It’s only in Brave so far, I never use Chrome but i have it installed so i tried it, no issue. No weird zooming or moving of the screen.
I do have 2 monitors with different resolutions but I’ve tried turning the other off & still same issue & having discord for example on the same screen & alt tabbing.
I’ve checked the known “zooming” issue but it’s not the same, i turned of Window zooming when alt tab + turned of all animations, same issue.

My drivers are up to date, i’ve tried turning the monitor off/on aswell.

I hope it’s something thats possible to be fixed. Also it doesn’t happen on my smaller monitor, only on the 2560x1440 one. So maybe a Brave browser issue with resolution ?


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