Add Bookmarks menu button to toolbar


I can see that this question has been asked previously, but I couldn’t see that it was answered.

Fed up with Firefox running slowly I’ve just migrated to Brave but there is one useful feature on other bowsers that Brave doesn’t appear to have, and that is a menu button for bookmarks.

Others have asked for such a button and here is the way I have handled things.

In Bookmarks Manager I moved Imported from Firefox* to the top of the list, and renamed it as Bookmarks. This now shows as the first menu item at the top of the screen and works in exactly the same way as the menu button in other browsers.

  • Substitute the browser you copied your bookmarks from here.

However, how to add new bookmarks in this manner if you need to start a new criteria? Simply copy and paste one of the folders in “Bookmarks”, empty it, rename it and save your new criteria of bookmarks there.

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