Need to download chrome: Brave message: security preferences won't allow

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1.I’m on MacBookPro
2. I need to re-install Chrome (trashed it when I joined Brave…)
3. When I try to load the dmg get message from Brave: Cannot be opened because it was not downloaded from the App store. Brave message: Your security preferences allow installation from only App store.
4. Go to App store and it only has Chrome for iPad and iPhone.

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Are you asking how to download and install Chrome on your machine? When you download the .dmg, before opening it make sure there are no Brave or Chrome processes running in the background (including helper/updater processes). Then try the .dmg again.

Thanks for responding.
I tried quitting Brave completely. No go.
I went to shields and took off all the shields. Is that what you mean “No Brave processes running in the background”?
It still gives me the Brave message as above.

You have to close Brave/Chrome entirely.
On macOS:

  1. Open Finder (cmd + space)
  2. Search for and open your Activity monitor
  3. Sort by name and terminate each Brave, Brave Helper or Chrome process.
  4. Run the .dmg again.

Thank you for responding!

  1. How do I terminate them? There are a lot listed there.
  2. Sounds scary…will I be doing something harmful…once I open Brave again?
  3. I’ve been soooo happy with Brave and don’t / didn’t miss Chrome at all! Am not so happy that I have to do all this to get it back. And I certainly don’t want to do anything that will damage my Brave experience!!!


You should also be able to right-click on the Brave icon in the dock, then Force quit the application.

Thank you for responding. It looks scary! If I do this will it disable my ability to use Brave??

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