Need to backup or export my data so I can reinstall my OS and keep all my data

Not sure why you say limited data on how this works? There’s lots of information on it. Three official links are below:

Then you have my guide(s) on it as well:

Not that it needs to be running at the same time, but the code changes daily. So if you don’t get it done in the same day, you’ll have an expired code. So it’s generally best to only do if you have another active device, such as a phone, that’s connected. It’s a “better safe than sorry” type of thing.

I cover that in the link about doing a backup. Short answer is yes, but no. Passwords generally don’t survive through a change like that, especially is the OS keyring changes, which is likely after you reinstall OS. This means while you’d have passwords in the folder, they’d be encrypted and unable to be accessed. So may as well say you don’t have them. So definitely would want to export passwords to an external drive to be safe.

vBAT has been dead since November, so you wouldn’t have those anymore. What this means is the only Rewards BAT we have would be what’s in our accounts, such as Uphold. If it’s been paid there, it still exists. It’s possible that anything you’ve earned on your existing device will pay out through the back end if you had any estimated earnings. But I don’t want to guarantee that, so go with the idea that you might lose out on however many days of earnings you have when you reinstall the OS.

Other thing I’m going to put out there is that if you’re using Gemini and switch, you won’t be able to connect to Gemini again. There’s a small chance that moving the folder over might maintain it if you replace everything before launching Brave on your reinstalled OS, but it’s a roll of the dice.


If you do try doing folder backup, try to make sure both are the same version of Brave if possible. Also you should also make sure that you replace the \brave-browser folder before you launch Brave, that way it doesn’t create any profiles or anything ahead of you. You’re going to try to plug in your prior details first. So install Brave → replace folder → launch Brave.