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As long as the Sync Feature doesn’t work, is there a way to sync the bookmarks and passwords manually? Would it work only for the same OS or could i use the Windows config on Linux too?

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A possible workaround would be to copy your data from one computer to another.
The path will look something like this ~Users\NAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser.
In the Brave-Browser folder there should be another folder called Default. (The default folder contains your profile info. - e.g. bookmarks/extensions/other data)

You can copy that folder to another computer, but you would be overwriting any data that’s on one computer with the next, unless you copy the folder back and forth constantly.

@7ed6ba8f34dde143fbc0: Your query notes you’re using Windows and Linux. What follows works for me with one 32-bit and two 64-bit Windows 7 desktop installations. It’s 110% empiricism. It’s entirely possible what I did won’t reproduce the same results on other installations; and if you’re using a different operating system, what I do may have no relevance. Free advice; worth every penny.

Be warned: my alternative to Brave Sync is sort of like taking an ax to a lifeboat to test a personal flotation vest. There may be a better way. Two consequences either of which might be deal-breakers for you and for others: first, some (but not all) preferences are restored to their defaults; second, extensions must be re-installed. That said, my experience is that once I personalize a browser’s preferences and add bookmarks, updating preferences and bookmarks is infrequent. Bravely onward.

As @Aa-ron advises, search your computer for an entry similar to:

C:\Users*****\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\

where C:\ is the drive where Brave is installed and ***** is your user name. If you inspect the properties of this entry, it should have hundreds of sub-directories (folders) and thousands of files. I transfer this entry to the equivalent location on the target computer.

I use Microsoft’s free SyncToy 2.1 application: SyncToy’s “Echo” action transfers entries from source to target that don’t currently exist on the target; updates older existing entries on the target; and deletes entries on the target that aren’t on the source. (Important aside: This is what Brave’s Sync feature should do but never has…)

I do this with the computers physically networked through a common router, but that’s not required. All that’s required is that the computers be available on the same network. Physically networked, the operation takes about a minute.

Unknown: I suppose it’s possible to upload the source data either to cloud or portable storage and subsequently copy the stored source data to a target. I haven’t tried this. The benefit of using SyncToy — this is key — is that I define what’s the source and what’s the target. This aspect of the process has never been available with Brave’s implementation of Sync.

Despite the nuisance of having to re-set some preferences (which I prudently made note of beforehand) and reinstall extensions, there’s one overarching benefit to this approach: in addition to updating bookmarks on the target computer(s). I was delighted to find that after reinstalling my extensions on the target computer(s), the preferences from the source computer had been transferred. If you use personalized extensions, you know: this is Very Good.

As noted above, there may be a better way to do this. And beyond the shortcomings I mentioned, my workaround may have other perils of which I’m unaware. Perhaps Brave will alter its implementation of Sync to make it actually useful. In the meantime, what I described works for me.

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