Export all Brave User Data from Windows to Linux

Hi, usually when I do a windows reinstall, I copy the whole \AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data folder and then put it on the new installed brave and everything works perfectly, my tabs remain the same, extensions, extensions settings, cookies, basically everything. When I try to do the same thing on Linux (copy the user data from windows and put it on linux) it doesnt work fine, tabs and bookmarks works, extensions doesn’t work, extension settings doesn’t work. What can I do? May be anything about permissions? Or whats a better way to get all my data from windows to linux?

What Linux OS are you using?

Currently my main driver has Windows but im switching to Linux so thats why i want to transfer my browser data from windows to linux

I have no idea how to do it via your method, you will need to ‘google’ it. Windows and linix have different type of file systems. Linux profile data is kept in ./~config folder.

Rather I would recommned using the sync feature from brave. It will do all the things you want like bookmarks, cookie, history etc. It is easy anf does the work perfectly without any headache.

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