Need help with android and desktop wallet

this week i format my android phone and windows pc, the phone and the pc were sync but i got 2 separated balances for a long time and later the format i loss 30 bats on the phone and at least 30 to 40 on pc, i try to use the key to restore the desktop wallet and say 0 balance but almost 10 bats pending. can someone help?

Unfortunately, the BAT that was on your phone is lost as we don’t have a backup/restore function available on mobile devices yet.

As far as the BAT on your PC, is this all funds earned from viewing ads or is this a mix of free grants as well?

so cany back up not sync android wallet? i lost almost 40 bats, and the desktop it was all from adds, i create dat wallet in the first months of brave, i got something like 20 to 30 in the wallet and 20 to 30 more pending from 2 diferent months, 1 month got stuck and say error when doing the capcha in the rewards new cicle.

Your PC Ads rewards should be sent to you after an update – lots of users have encountered this:

hi, im on the 1.8.96 and nothing happend, i got only pending 10 bats from the last month, but my balance more the pendings should be 50 at least, can you healp me? i already loss 30 to 40 bats for the phone and the sync opcion online. i see now in the forum of a warning to not re-install but in the app and browser dont show any warning and i use this from the start.

Your balance will be restored after we push the next update to the browser. Until then, make sure you don’t reinstall otherwise we may be unable to restore said balance.

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the next update is up and the problem persist, can you help?

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