Lost half a years worth of BAT from rewards

I’ve been using this browser for over 6 months on both my laptop and android phone. At some point in the last month I received my Jan 2020 payout and lost all my previous rewards earned on my phone, my laptops are still there. I don’t remember exactly but I had about 150 BAT saved up on my phone. I don’t recall doing any form of update and can’t find any previous transaction history from 2019, I am now sitting on 18.2 BAT.

Anyone else have this issue happen? There are very few places I can actually click on the browser options and can’t seem to find anything that would actually help me.

Auto-Contribute - OFF

It’s been off since I’ve had the browser. Nothing changed but out of nowhere all my BAT was drained, I have been stocking up for over half a year then out of nowhere… GONE!

Did you verify your wallet and have an uphold wallet created? or another wallet for your bat tokens?

I have not done this yet. Never imagined them just disappearing, had been using the browser for quite a long time with no issues at all.

Whatever bug cause this it is something specific to the android version. All my BAT is still there on my computers browser.

Did your BAT from free grants or Brave Ads?

There might have been some from grants but it was mostly adds. There is no way I could have lost that much, even if some was from grants my rewards were obtained over time and should not have all vanished at once.

If all your Bat is still on your computer browser then it is probably best to set up a wallet and transfer them. When you set up your wallet make sure you record information like back up keys. on paper and keep in a safe place. Also set up 2 factor authentication (2FA) and record the secret number for that also.
You will need that number when you update your phone. A second way to keep the 2FA is put it on a second device like an ipad as it can be a difficult process getting back into your account if you don’t take these steps.

I have my seed information for my browser on my computer but the android version seems to make it very difficult for me to locate this information and do anything with it other than click settings and see what I have earned (Which is now gone) Has anyone else had issues with the phone versions BAT going missing?

Anyone know of anything that might have caused this issue with the android version? Anyone know how to actually get my seed information off the phone?

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