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I would fill out the template but really it is just a basic questiont hat I want to get straight before I try something to get myself in the gutter and kicked. I have looked at many posts and seen many replies and some that say do not do that it is against the TOS etc etc. I would rather get a decent reply on how to do it.

What I have is:

1: My PC is Running Brave and getting rewards properly (however I was never able to contribute as an error occurred each month so I shut it off).

  1. My wife decided she loved Brave enough on the PC to use it on hers now as well and wants to get rewards as well BUT does not want to setup a wallet and wants to send it to mine.

  2. I use Brave on my Mobile device as well (Wife does not, she uses another browser for some strange reason, we all like what we like I guess) with no rewards enabled.

Am I under the impression that I simply just link each one of the 2 extra browser accounts (My Wife’s and My Cell) to my Gemini account?

My humblest of aplogies if this has been covered in detail but I have looked at so many that I got lost in a loop. I appreciate any help I can get.

And for the record as I pointed out, My PC already works great as far as rewards go minus the monthly contribution that kept erroring out so I decided to shut it off.

Thanks in advance.

Yes and no. The issue right now is new devices (or device profiles) are not able to connect to Gemini at this time, at least is the last communicated situation. So even if you wanted to connect her devices to your Gemini account, I doubt you could. (which is the “no” part of the answer)

But otherwise you would be right that you can connect those devices through the Rewards integration and be able to receive payments with no problem.

NOTE: Some Things To Consider

As to the TOS part, connecting multiple devices isn’t against TOS. However, installing it on a bunch of bot computers, work computers, etc and having all of those linked to a custodial account in order to “farm” or “mine” BAT would be a violation and not what it’s intended purpose would be.

Also IP address & countries will matter. So like if your wife uses VPN to appear in different countries all the time and you generally don’t, then connecting her devices to your Gemini/Uphold would likely end up with you getting flagged (suspended) within a few months. Or if you’re in USA and she’s in England, it might question why there’s two different locations being used and ads viewed, assuming it’s fake and abusing the system. (Viewing ads from regions other than your own is a violation of Terms. So if using VPN to appear to be in another country or would be visiting another country for a while, you probably should turn off Rewards until you get back to local IP)

Brave doesn’t like to reveal too much on antifraud, but it basically assumes a single person or small family has Brave installed and is using it on their normal devices. Each person has work and school, needs plenty of sleep, and has a bit of a life. Anything that greatly exceeds that kind of raises a flag of concern and can get accounts flagged.

What I mean by greatly exceeds that might be that a person’s computer is completely active for 16 hours nonstop with no breaks. Or a person has 2 computers and 2 phones attached, all of which are active at the same times each day. So like from 9-5 the phones and computers are all actively searching things. If you’re active on a computer, you usually can’t also be active on a phone (not speaking of just having video content running or something). I mean, we might bounce between devices, but that’s different.

@Saoiray Thanks for the reply.

So in reality, both my wife’s browser and my cell device would both be considered “New Devices” and not be able to connect right now so I just need to put that topic to bed for now. That is easy enough.

And I appreciate the further explanation on the VPN part., We do use a VPN but it typically is to stream movies form her movies website that out ISP absolutely hates her to be on. We have already got a couple letters in the mail and had net axed more than once. And I only use it when I stream on Twitch or YT typically. SO hopefully that wouldn’t cross the line with Brave/Rewards anywhere.

I’ll just have to keep my eyes open for the Gemini thing. It really isn’t a biggie at all to me. I just figured well, if she is using the browser she might as well benefit off of a few ads as well and since I use it as a dedicated browser on my Mobile device …

Any how once again, I appreciate you taking the time to jump in and give me a reply. Take care and be safe out there in our crazy little world.

A few weeks ago we tried asking for updates. And then I jokingly asked about whether on chain payments would arrive first. However, what shocked me is they seriously answered that the likelihood of on chain payments arriving before the issue(s) with Gemini are resolved is pretty high.

If you’re unaware of what I mean in regards to on chain payments, you may want to check a topic where I kind of touched on it at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

Overall it’s not supposed to be an issue. Ads shown are based on our IP address. So if you’re linking to a different country for VPN so circumvent content, it could trigger those country’s ads to appear. That shouldn’t reconcile (you don’t get paid cause it wouldn’t match your Rewards country, Locale, and Gemini account) but if happened “enough” it’s possible it could consider you’re trying to cheat/game the system.

So I do highly suggest you always use VPN for same region you’re from if you are going to use a VPN. If you are using to appear in different countries, it’s probably better to disable ads for that time period by going to brave://rewards and turning off the toggle for them:


Again, VPN is a gray area. Brave says using VPN in itself isn’t enough to get people flagged. But in the 4 years or so I’ve been around here on Brave Community, VPN seems to be the primary thing most flagged accounts have in common. I never know the right answer on that and not sure how things might change as we get into on chain payments later this year.

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