Would like some help please regards to uphold

hi brave support, I’m in need of some help and to have 2 of my uphold wallets or brave wallet id removed from uphold can I please get some help from some one, please

You can use this to remove only 1 device at this time. Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

ive just submitted a form

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highpriestess, question when submitting a form i should get an email notification that it’s been submitted right?

I believe if it still works the same as when I did it , yes, however, you will get the email once they have taken care of it and/or if something was not filled out correctly and more info is needed.

@Mattches when using brave is it possible to have Wallet Payment ID the same on some pcs? I’ve also submitted a form request

No — each device/wallet instance has it’s own ID. The Custodian member ID will be the same if you’re verifying more than one wallet to the same custodial account.

ive filed out the wallet form not heard back from anyone

If you submitted the request then we will respond/address it as soon as we can. We do appreciate your patience.