Verifying different wallets

hi there, i got different pcs. each pc has its own brave installation with its own wallet. i’ve currently verified only one wallet on my main machine.
is there any problem in verifying the other wallets to the same uphold ID? or how do i get in charge of my different brave wallets?

You can connect upto 4 devices to a single uphold account.

Even if you connect more than 4, you will be paid for the first 4 but not for the rest.

thats interesting, thank you!
thinking about the future as i get more devices. how do i connect them? because sometime i will be having more than 4 devices as older ones get replaced.
or is it possible to habe one wallet accross different devices - if so: how?

in that case,

  • you can register with another email with uphold and link that with your rest of the devices
  • from other devices you can tip to your own creator page (Note: this make take 5% of BAT for every tip)
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thanks for the quick answers!

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