Accounts say verified but from the outside they are not


I have two youtube channels that say verified on my end when I am in my brave creator account, however they don’t say verified when I go to to the links of my channels. My first channel worked for a month, and I was able to receive money one time only, then it stopped and now it says it is not verified when you go there, but when I login to brave creators it says it is verified. I got sent 10 BATS and I still have not received them. It has been over a month, and it is frustrating. Please advise.

Hi @soydeaqui,

Welcome to community! Sorry for your troubles here.

Can you PM me the email account associated with the channels? I can take a closer look.


I’m having the same issue. This is what I see.


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Hi @steeven I already sent you a PM with the email associated with my account. Did you see it? Waiting for you to solve these issues. Thank you.

Hi Steeven, I also contacted you regarding this issue and you never got back to me, I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me the issue on why my sites are still not verified in the Brave Browser list of Verified Publishers? Please help I’d gladly appreciate it, thanks.

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