My unfortunate experience as a Brave Creator so far

So, I was really excited about the concept of Brave, and I have publicly supported it when criticised in this forum, but unfortunately my experience with Rewards/Creator has been terrible, and now I’ve accumulated enough info to make it worthwhile to report (IMO).

As someone who runs websites, I keenly set them up with my Brave Creator account when I discovered the Creators programme. In order to evaluate the system, I focused my Brave browsing on the sites.

What did I earn in the last six months?

This is my balance in Uphold:


I haven’t made any withdrawls or credits. I’ve just let Brave do its thing:

Brave giveth, and it taketh away:

Perhaps this is the auto-contribution system. Fair enough - I’d expect some withdrawls. However, the contributions should be going back to me, as I’m using Brave to browse my own websites, and most months I adjusted the rewards settings so that contributions only went to my sites (selfish, I know - but I wanted to see if the system was working as promised).

It’s possible I’ve done something wrong, and maybe there’s another Uphold account somewhere else that’s full of BAT. However, when I use the Creators dashboard and click on the “Uphold” link against my busiest site ( I see the following:

Nothing. No evidence of any funds. This is despite several months statements showing there should be some money going in (or somewhere, at least).


I sent my full logs etc privately to Brave Support, but they told me it was probably Uphold’s problem. But I don’t know what I’d say if I were to follow this up with Uphold Support. This seems very much a problem with Brave’s accounting.

I would hope Brave’s team would take a more serious look into this, rather than palming the issue off on the wallet provider, as I’m sure I can’t be the only Creator seeing this issue.

Anyone else managed to earn any money on the Creators programme? Did it end up in your Uphold wallet? Am I doing something wrong?

I feel like there’s a pretty serious bug in Brave Rewards or the Creators programme here, and the user experience on the Creators dashboard is terrible. I should be able to navigate to the wallet, and see the funds. Instead, I’m navigated to some kind of “card” in Uphold which shows no activity.

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