Solana transfer from binance to ethereum wallet

i was transfer Solana from Binance to Brave wallet but I sent it to the wallet ETh network code
the transaction completed on the blockchain, but values ​​do not appear, is there any chance to recover this value


thanks @John20 i will contact you right now

@XicaoB That’s a scam. Don’t do it.

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@XicaoB Seriously, if haven’t given info to them, don’t do it. If you have, then you need to hurry and protect your assets because they’ll be trying to take it all.

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thanks @Saoiray it really was.

I passed transaction information and I believe he can’t do anything with it, or can?

in any case, the data provided does not have funds and I will abandon

@XicaoB If it was just tx link for the transaction, then not much that can be done. But if shared seed phrases, passwords, etc then is a different story. An example of a situation where this occurred with others can be seen at I think a scammer posted a fake link to "support" and stole my seed phrase

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@Saoiray yes that happened with the seed phrases, but the wallet was zero, anyway I’m abandoning this wallet

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Ah, then you got lucky. And yeah, don’t forget means they have/had access to that wallet now. So wouldn’t use it for future necessarily.

Also, NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone. Literally nobody ever needs to know this. Giving seed phrase is like giving away ownership of your wallet and everything in it.

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@Saoiray thanks man I know this information but the moment we want to solve a loss we don’t think with reason…
learning remains

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