Brave Sync for saved Passwords

Okay Guys, Listen to me. I am not interested in your Brave Rewards service. The Brave Browser is looking like the best browser and much faster than chrome. That’s why I want to use Brave Browser. But There is a problem. Brave Sync is not bringing my passwords from Windows&Ubuntu OS to Android Device. And Also Synchronization is already collected my bookmarks and imported into my chain.
What’s the solution? Should I return to Chrome Browser?


Should I return to Chrome Browser?


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@oraykt for now, Brave Sync only synced your bookmarks. Other type of browser data sync is coming.

Thanks for your patience.

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if you´re searching a fast chromium browser you can use Vivaldi in between, until Brave got fully sync.

Vivaldi is chrome based but with multiple features no one else got.
*Sync passwords,/Tab-sessions/…
*Grouping tabs and tile-view them.
*mouse handling commands
*high customization
*security/performance focused

I´m looking forward that brave got full sync feature soon and mybe other things from vivaldi.
I´ve used it before and it was very beautiful.