My samsung android phone shows two sync accounts with same name; different dates

  1. My Brave uses multiple devices. All are synced together and all appear on sync page.
  2. Wallets are verified, I think. There are too many names for the same action and it’s very confusing.
  3. Windows 10: No problems: account linked to Gemini and BAT linked to Gemini. Verification and Gemini was different for Windows and for Samsung/Android. My Windows BAT is fine. My Android BAT is missing.
  4. Android: Samsung A50: I keep Brave version up-to-date; current version is 1.37.112. OpSystem: Android: 11, Chromium 100.0.4896.79. Build/RP1A.200720.012
  5. VPN: sometimes, but often not. I use Bitdefender and it been great for years. Never a problem. But I do have Bitdefender VPN, but don’t often use it all the time.
  6. Supported region? Yes, I think. Illinois.
  7. Device pass safetynettest? Yes: "Play protect certification is "certified."
  8. Turned off Auto-contribute? Yes, but I’ve never used Uphold.
  9. THE PROBLEM: On Android Samsung phone, I had 23 BAT, collected since I started using BRAVE, a year or so ago. I tried, but couldn’t move it because, at the time, Brave didn’t link to Gemini on phone.
  10. Receive payments: yes. Both Windows and Android made payments but they wouldn’t sync and I wasn’t allowed/able to put Android BAT into my Gemini account once I was able to develop one. My Windows BAT is on Gemini.
  11. On March 19, 2022, Verizon sent new Sim card and phone reset. Now this same phone shows two identical Sync account names both of which appear on my sync list and each has its own date. But the 23 BAT has disappeared, even though it’s the same phone with same name. Now, both my SM accounts show but with different dates. Both show on my Brave sync settings. QUESTION: Where is the 23 BAT from the older date (3 weeks ago)?
  12. The newer Android date shows zero/$.0.00 BAT.
  13. I have been searching for what to do. I haven’t done anything because I’m afraid I will lose all 23 BAT. And now my phone links to Gemini, but I don’t have the 23 BAT to transfer in.

QUESTION: Where did the 23 BAT on my phone disappear to? Can I get it back?

8 days later not one reply. Where is a BRAVE REPRESENTATIVE? This is a HELP site, correct?

Any hints as to how to reach a live human with at least a touch of empathy?

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