Brave syncing problem, multiple different wallets now & mystery identity?

I use Brave on my laptop, tablet and phone (Android). Brave on all devices is set to “sync everything” with all the others. However, my Brave Rewards are not syncing. My laptop browser says I have 8.935 BAT – and when I log in to Uphold I also see 8.935 BAT. But my phone says I have 25.250 BAT and those BAT are not showing in Uphold. I have not yet checked my tablet.

My Android phone is registered to multiple gmail accounts since I use different emails for different things. Could Brave on my phone be confused and maybe using a different identity for the 25.250 BAT? I only have (1) Uphold account, but maybe the BAT in the phone are storing up under a different email identity and thus not porting over to Uphold???

In the phone app, I looked everywhere to locate a Brave “identity” or address to check “who” the tokens might be collecting under. I can’t find it anywhere. But I do still see that all devices are set to sync with each other.

So could this be the problem some of you are also experiencing? And could it be related to Google/Gmail allowing users to create multiple identities on phones (or tablets) – whereas Brave can only use one identity, and the app is currently designed to both NOT show which identity it’s using, nor allow users to pick which identity they prefer?

I did also look for a “withdraw” or “transfer” button to try to transfer the phone BAT into the proper other wallet at Uphold. But the app is not showing me any buttons or options to deposit, withdraw, or transfer the 25.250 BAT.

Soooo… How can I liberate and receive my 25,250 BAT? Is there a way to FIND which identity the Brave app is using to collect BAT? And/or is there a way to change it? Or, is there another way to transfer the 25.250 BAT out of my phone rewards location and into my proper Uphold account?

Please advise. Thank you.

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Brave Rewards are not included in current sync functionality.

You have to link your phone to your Uphold account and the BAT from your phone ‘should’ transfer to Uphold. I say ‘should’ because that is how it is supposed to work, but judging by the posts on this community it doesn’t always work.

Your google identity on your phone is not relevant for Brave Rewards. Your Brave Rewards wallet on your Android phone is linked to the installation of the Brave Browser and does not depend on any kind of google account.

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