My rewards are getting reset to 0 again and again automatically

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My problem is one of critical issues as brave foundation is on reward my problem is everytime i earn BAT after some random time the BAT is automatically reset to 0 and because of this i have loosed more then 10 to 12 BAT, i did restarting the phone clearing the cache Now i have switched the ads section off and turned it on still problem remain the same.

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it happened to me also estimated rewards was around 3BAT and it got reset to 0 after i closed brave browser …please help


they working on it

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I think it’s officially safe to say he rewards system is completely broken, Brave should start over from scratch on this as the current system is getting progressively worse


Hi @structdjm @justsomeone1 @taksh.doria @Nayeem958
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There can be 2 things that can cause this kind of situation!

  1. Bug in rewards counter! - #13 by steeven
  2. Un-appropriately watching ads only!
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Opting out until it’s working as expected

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So for now what should we do i have already lost nearly 12 BAT and that is not a good sign

maybe 2nd one seems familier to me

im still gonna use brave because of the user protection its just annoying that the BAT is broken right now because its money thats getting halved or just deleted

just wait till they fix it

looooool :joy:

i am not sure what you trying by posting the same exact link again

that not possible as reward system has rule to trigered of course not for each ads

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