Current earnings this month (estimated) keep resetting to 0

Hi there.

To start off, am using Windows 10 LTSC, Brave version 1.27.109, have verified my brave uphold walled about a year back, and have successfully received my payments since 05/06/2020 9:58 pm. Am not using a VPN. Live in a supported region -India. Am using brave on my desktop and have auto-contribute and tips turned off.

Now on to the issue, after the update last month I noticed that my brave rewards had reset to 0, at that time I had something like 340 ads viewed…but since I saw other people posting about the update issue on reddit and here too I decided it would be ok as moderators were informed it would be sorted out and I just needed to wait…anyway so this month comes round and have noticed that the estimated earnings keep resetting to zero. use a for a bit and then after a day or so the amount drops to zero. Took a screen shot yesterday when it was showing 0.155 bat and 71 ads viewed and today its back to 0 bat. From a quick perusal of complaints, while I do see people complaining of lost bat I did not see complaints about constant resetting to 0, so I guess that there may be a bug there and needs looking into. If you need and other info like screen shots do ask and I will help out any way I can.


@Ponen_Longchar efectively this is a weird issue

let’s wait for @Mattches, @GreenBananaPorridge or @tmancey to take a look into this issue

yeah its definitely a weird issue, just loaded up brave and yep its back to zero…lets see what the mods say. Maybe some error and I need to completely uninstall and reinstall brave?

@Ponen_Longchar You should update your browser to latest version v1.27.111 and see if the rewards counter resets to zero again. Take screenshot of your rewards panel brave://rewards/ before update. You can also post the screenshot, showing rewards counter resetting to zero, here.

Yes mine to same issue my brave is uptodate but rewards get reset

51 ad received earing 0.03

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This was taken after the update

and that’s today, did update brave the day before…So maybe I should just uninstall and do a completer fresh install of brave? maybe something went wonky somewhere.

let’s avoid that for the moment, remember there is a limit of four wallets verified with the same Uphold account

Ahh ok…well I will wait a bit then, I did notice today in the home pc, I dont use it often and also not linked to any wallet, that the browser banner shows the amount of bat arriving in set number of days and also an option for gemini, which I dont see on the browser on my pc…I do recall that about 3 months back I did a clean install of windows 10 and backed up and restored brave, maybe I muddled up something there?..Also I dont mind doing a fresh clean install of brave, so if need be I will happily oblige.

Anyway thanks for taking the time hearing me out and looking into my issue…appreciate the work you guys do.

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BAT payouts continue to decline, i’m close to just disabling them at this point.

Hi. I work on the ads team here at Brave. There is an issue which we just fixed which will likely resolve the above. However, would anybody like to screen-share so we can confirm the fix. Thanks, Terry


Ahh ok well hope it fixes the issue…I did a clean install of brave about 2 days back and that seemed to solve the earnings resetting to zero, but maybe it was your fix that actually did the job.

Hi! A clean install would also fix the issue. However, rest assured the fix is in 1.30.x. Thank you, Terry

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