My Brave Rewards have reset back to zero

I was earning Brave Rewards, then all of a sudden without explanation my rewards reset back to zero. My Ad counter still seems to be accurate for the month, looks like this is happening to others as well, any fix for this yet?

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Same here :roll_eyes:
I lost my BAT few days ago and I’m still not receiving any

It might be a bug, in the sense that auto-contribute turns on by itself. Lost 100 BAT this morning, bought with my own money.
If you check brave://rewards-internals/you might find that the same thing happened to you. Your money left your uphold wallet without your permission!
@steeven replied to my message, asked for some screenshots, haven’t heard anything in 7 hours.
I really believed in this project, but i’m seeing more and more of this problem in the community.

@alexoi - this is a separate issue. Please see our DM.

@Carter_hfx please see Bug in rewards counter! - #13 by steeven.

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