Hi! dont recieve rewards

Since i use brave, like 3 months a go, it appears some ads, not to much but i click when i see and up to now are many times. But dont have any rewards, i think i set up everything good, you can see the attachment. Thanks for the help!


here it’s showing everything 0.

Can you share the screenshot of auto contribution tab as well.

If the toggle is on in that section, when ever you get bat those will be contributed automatically.

you mean this?
is also 0. dont know what happen


How is it possible :sleepy:

Everywhere zero in you browser…

@Mattches @eljuno @Aa-ron help #here

Thank you for the help

It is possible. If you uninstall and reinstall Brave(i.e., ads counts showing in that panel are gone) and now you can restore your wallets using Back Up key and then you can recover your pending reward as the above image shows on the above!

Oh yeah, absolutely ri8.

@soulporto do you have any backup key to backup your estimated bat? :thinking:

We have an open issue for this right now that the developers are looking into. Please be patient. You can follow this Community thread that has others who are experiencing the same or similar issues:

hi! i just uninstall and reinstall Brave and is the same, still “0”. thanks

Ok thank you, still the same, i will wait.

Hi! still having no rewards. Is there a solution? thanks