Referral link not working!

Apparently my referral link ain’t working right now, I used it hours ago and it was working somebody else with this problem?

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Can you tell me what your referral code is so I can take a look on my end? Thank you

maybe i have the same problem, one of my referred has told me that he downloaded brave with my link, but when i check, it did not count in Brave Creators. But i dont know if my referred just lied to, so i am not sure.

Hi my referreal link doesn’t work anymore, can you help me?

My refferal link does not work. please sir, resolve it. My refferal link is


The same happens with me. I am also unable to add my youtube acc to the publishers acc of Brave. I am really disappointed with all of this. I talked with a lot of people about Brave, I was really excited about its possibilities. It stopped working after I tipped myself with my Brave browser installed in my Android phone. If that isn’t supposed to be done there should be a warning about it. I want to test the wallets systems its not a smart move to make wallets without any initial money.

@Mattches it’s working now, it was maybe a internal error of brave.

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