Does not count referrals!

Hello, I have a very serious problem, it doesn’t count referrals, and it doesn’t count referrals for 2 months, at first I didn’t understand anything at all, I thought there was an error in the system, but no, I started to try harder, but nothing it didn’t count, I invested a lot of money in advertising, and I didn’t get anything, it doesn’t count at all, I thought it was a mistake, but after I asked 3 of my friends to download the browser and use it all day, it still didn’t count , my statistics stand still, I lost a large number of de neg, I have a serious malfunction, and it will be very difficult to restore, explain to me what is happening and why it does not count my referrals !?

Very discouraging to see this is commonplace with the refferal system.
I get very similar if not better link click throughs etc with Brave links but never see
similar numbers of confirmed users at all. And by far, Brave is a better product than a lot
of other products/services I do affiliate marketing for.

No, you don’t understand, I have statistics in place, no downloads in the last week, I asked 3 of my friends to download a browser, and nothing has changed, statistics just stand still! Nothing counts how I can contact the support directly? They don’t want to answer me, and ignore me!

Hi @galay - thank you for reporting. We pushed a fix that should help to correctly display your stats graph. Can you take another look and let me know if it is currently displaying correctly?

Thank you for your help, but the problem is not only in statistics, I don’t count referrals at all, I’ll run all my advertising campaigns to check your corrections and let you know, but it will take a lot of time … How can I contact directly, I invited over 5,000 people to your browser, I spent a lot of effort promoting your browser, how can I contact the support directly, you know, the problem is very serious

Hi @galay - please post here with any information that you can provide and then I can investigate. Thank you!

I also face same issue. For the last 3 months I have done referrals but none shows as confirmed. Allnit does is show Download and install but confirm is 0. Something needs to be done.

Also see A quick note concerning referral stats not updating

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steven, your fix only helped for 1 day, my statistics really began to be updated, but it wasn’t long, I don’t get statistics again, it got in place again, your fix helped me, but it worked only 1 day, help me please, I can’t work like that, I lose a lot of money in advertising

Still have a similar issue. Not even downloads counting, let alone installls : /
I;ve had a bunch of real life mates use the browser and confimr they install etc and itt doesn’t show.
37 over past two days that don’t show up as downloads on the infograph

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