Account under review on payout date


Yesterday i entered to see if the payout was on progress still
and today when i try to login its says account under review …
So i decided to come check some of the community posts and everyone is getting account reviewed on the same day…

i love your ideia of the browser and everything included but suspending alooott of accounts in the payout date seens alot fishy guys…

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They Fool us everyone who have more then 200 bat in their account… Was blocked on same day i mean on Payout date… #scambrave



yeah i was thinking the same
Send a email for support like me . if they dont resolve the issue we know they are just scamming people

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Correct,My account was also in under review.Yesterday i logged in my brave publisher acoount it shows payout in progress.Today when i login it shows like this

I was worried about this.Not only me got suspended more users also got suspended.why you are doing like this,please solve this issues

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yeah they thing they can do us dirty like that , email the support if this not fixed lets show then wut a community power can do

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Same problem please solution



I have your same problem and I have 1000 bats thanks to my followers and references to them I owe it all already talk to the support I hope you help me and you too friend

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we all waiting for solution … for now email the support like me

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thanks . for now all we have to do is wait

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same thing happen to me had my account go into review on payout date

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How much bat token u have?



Im on the same boat with the “Your account is under review”. I have used lots of my time to promote Brave. I like the project but i want to get compensated for my work! Anyone know if you still get the rewards even if you have Your account is under review status on? I can see from my webpage that im getting lots of hits and its a waste if they are not registered!