Account was under reviewed?

My account was under review when i just started to be a publisher for a month:

I knew Brave’s publisher program from my friends. I tried to get new users, to promote my publisher Link. So i created my ads campaigns to get new Users - i paid for ads fee

**I don’t know why my account was under reviewed on first month. I hope i will receive reward to get benefit from my ads fee **

I hope supporter will inform to me more information before reviewed my account. I really expected my account will be recover

1st time

I made a details plan to promote my link - but now i can’t do any thing:

Hi @Travis92, if you haven’t already please send an email to

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Thank you so much.
I contacted to Suspension

Hello @steeven,
I sent a report which will clear my methods to promote my Ref link.
But, i didn’t see any Feedback.
pls, check it for me. My plan was delayed for a long time.
From: Mr.Travis

Hi @Travis92, your account will be reviewed there.

Hi @steeven,

I didn’t see any Feedback for my account.

When i can received feedback for my account? Please, check it for me.

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