The latest update to Brave has removed third party password management

The latest update to Brave has removed management of third party password managers, or else it’s buried somewhere so deep the intention is the same. I personally use Lastpass. I haven’t found any explanation for this, though there may be something buried in the release notes I haven’t noticed yet.

This is really a deal killer for me. I’d just finally switched Brave to be my default browser, and now I’m having to dig out all my passwords manually when I hit any authentication. I’ve reluctantly switched back to Chrome as my default. I’m not going to replicate all my passwords in Brave, just because they don’t want to support third party p/w managers.

Is there any chance this feature will be reintroduced in the near future?

Hi @mwest688,
Apologies for the confusion.

Brave still support 3rd party password manager. And now, it’s also support most extensions.

For now, extension support is via Chrome Web Store. Mean, you can install LastPass or other extensions from CWS. Brave own store is in the plan.

Hope that make it clear for your.

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Thank you for your reply. It was helpful, and after some google foo (actually DuckDuckGo) I was able to get Lastpass working in Brave again.

I’m curious though, since Chrome is Google, and Google has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar over and over, so to speak, tracking people, how does the Brave team make sure Google isn’t using their store apps and plugins to subvert Brave’s “no tracking” promise?



There are many ways we do this, but I’d like to mention one thing first:

It’s important to remember that extensions have elevated access/privileges (by nature, it’s this way in other browsers as well. Brave will always protect you from anything malicious, but as far as installing any third party extension (in Muon as well), users are subject to the policy of that party.

Make sure you read the permissions each extension/app requires before installing it on your system. We don’t want to restrict users from being able to use extensions but we also want to make it clear that if you decide to use them you should ensure that it’s an extension/company you trust.

For the answer to your actual question, some reading for you:

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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