Didn't recieve my December BAT in my Gemini

Hey, I am using Brave on Android and Desktop both linked to same Wallet. Gemini Account activated and Verified 7 days ago. Till yesterday, i could see the BAT was supposed to be processed in 1 Day. But now, I cannot see any tokens on Gemini.

Kindly help

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The same here. And now? Who will do something about it?

Not much. I may shift to Chrome / Opera ; I was going through the other member’s posts and dont think anyone here bothers to reply

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I’m also facing the same issue. Please @steeven check this out.

Conveniently located at the top of this web page is announcement box with the payout status. Which are currently pending.


Thank you for your valuable insights.

However they didn’t specify what is the maximum timeline we are looking for. Also, it says January payouts (ideally it should be payouts in the month of January or December Payouts), incase my English is correct

December rewards for January payment. This happens every single month. The payments are currently processing and take a couple of days to process all of the transactions. If you some patience you will see your $3 worth of BAT in the next couple of days.

Thank you brother. I will be patient till 14th Jan.
I promise. Since I didn’t see any replies to other posts, hence I replied so many times to get attention.
Hopefully it will get credited in 7 days.


Yes my 1.9 BAT coin was not deposited in my wallet either. Please check this problem, Brave Support !!! I’m using Uphold. Only the BATs in the first 2 months were deposited into my account. Where are the BATs now!!? @steeven @mattmcalister

There is nothing wrong with your payouts.
Everything @Show76 has stated is 100% correct – payouts are still processing, observe the payout progress at the top of the Community page, and this pay period is for earnings in the month of December.