My current Brave appearance color has changed for no reason at all

Hello, my current Brave appearance color has changed for no reason at all. It used to be orange now it became blue-purple. You can see in the images below that the close all button color is different and all toggles in settings have change color. Please help, thank you!


My Operating System is Windows 10 22H2 build 19045.4412 (latest at the moment of posting)
My Brave version is 1.66.110 (also latest version at the moment)

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Nothing to worry about here — this was a change implemented by our design team. You will see this happen from time to time from us (or really any company) as our Brand evolves and grows.

So it’s normal? Can I change it back?

Unfortunately no, I don’t believe so. I will check to confirm but at this time the design team has decided to go with this new “blurple” color for the brand (note that not everything orange will now be changed to this color).

I personally prefer the orange myself but the team decided to go a different route!

Okay, I hope there will be a way to change the color palette in the future. Thank you!


The narcissism and arrogance of ignorant ui designers evolves and grows at a rate much higher, in the majority of the technology space. Unless they are also planning to change the lion’s mane to blue in the logotype, this ugly change is completely off-brand.

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Made an account just to reply and say that I really dislike this. Please let us go back OR choose our own accent colors.

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Me too, just create an account to say this!!

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Just created an account to say: please at least give me an option to change from blurple

The Brave icon has orange color.
The Brave community site has orange colors.

And somebody just changes the recognizable orange to blue just to “change” things? At least give us the option to use the old orange color.

Edit, forgot the best part. Whose brilliant idea was it to put, sorry, FORCE blue color, that is a darker color on a browser that can be set to dark or light theme?

Blue on dark background makes it way harder to read for a lot of people. Orange as a light color on dark background stands out a lot more.

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I prefer too the orange color because Brave’s logo is orange

If we get reports of it being an actual accessibility issue (not just a personal preference or opinion) I’m sure we’d be happy to consider adding a way to address this.