My Brave Rewards have been stuck since May

I don’t know why, but I haven’t had my brave rewards move over from the Rewards to my Uphold account. I have to confirmed sites, used to get payments no later than the 10th of each month and would than be zeroed out. I am new to this so I am going to try and upload a screenshotbrave reward cutout

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I have the same problem, it seems device specific.
Any solutions would be appreciated

I have the same issue. Definitely device specific. I’ve tried clearing cookies & cache, disconnecting uphold wallet, and reconnecting, and updating Brave.

I am not sure how it can be device specific since it is basically connected to my website and are website tips that are sent to that site. I did get a payment of 11.00 bat and the only thing I can think of it was 11 and the difference (7) was paid after, but if so, nothing reflects anything. The statements are not even accurate on the brave rewards site. You look at the statement and it says no payment since May, so where did that 11 Bat payment come from? It didn’t come from my connected browser. I just wish we could get some answers. Also, that friggin Uphold wallet is the worst. I think Binance charges less to transfer BAT from one wallet to another which is darn near close to 25 bat. Not only is Uphold charge a ton to move crypto, but it makes it difficult. So, let’s say I want to move my BAT over to a site like Voyager (use code JOS561E14 and we both get $25) which does non-custodial staking for BAT at 3% APR and more for other cryptos - 9% for stablecoins USDC!! It would take a certain number of BAT at a Certain Value to even make it worth it, and if you are getting BAT monthly, it just sucks. I am sure Uphold and the other various wallets used around the world have something worked out with Brave, but to be honest, you should be able to provide a wallet address of your choice to where the deposit should be made. If not, crypto currency will never be true currency. It will be a security or investment and fiat will always be the default.

The reason I saw it is device specific is because I have two devices connected with the same uphold wallet and my funds are only stuck on the one device. My “good” device has had its deposited funds transferred properly and the “bad” device has been stuck since May.

Sorry - yes, that makes sense. I was under the impression you might be tipping your own linked site or youtube page from an alternate device which I saw as a way around linking more than one device’s BATs to the same account; I was suggested to do over a year ago. But if neither are working, it would be nice to have some resolution to both our cases. SO, do these things ever get answered by anyone associated with Brave or are these just for publicly venting frustrations?

This is my first time using this outlet so I am not sure. Hoping we can get an answer soon.

replying to keep this thread alive and hopefully get an answer

Have you chosen for a few websites a monthly payment or did you just did for every single website you visited a one-time tip?

I am not referring to tips. The rewards paid out for viewing ads are stuck in the rewards center and are not being pushed to my verified Uphold wallet. Looking for a solution here. This has only happened for the payout of Aug 7. I am not very hopeful for the Sept 7 payout. Weirdest thing is that I am only having this issue on 1 device. Other one seems fine and reports the correct balances.

Who knows,… It is hard to tell where they come from… All I know is that from the screen shot I posted, I have 18.05 BAT stuck under my website that has been tipped over time that never seem to get sent - that I could conclusively discern - from that. In either case, the more we post on this thread, hopefully it will be addressed by someone at Brave so keep the thread going and explain in detail your situation documenting cases with screenshots, etc. I wish you and the rest of us the best of luck.

you can wait next payment at Sept

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