Account flagged, need help

Can someone help with my account being flagged? I have switched computers and upon login in on my new computer my account was flagged. I would appreciate any help, I have not received any rewards for the last 2 months.

@ButtMcButt Read everything at Profile has been flagged

You and me both. There seems to be zero rhyme or reason. You view ads all month and then get flagged on the last day of the month. This is pretty crappy.

Go here: and file a support ticket. They will respond pretty quickly. However the response will probably be lackluster. Mine just said you’re good but didn’t give any info as to why it was flagged, how to prevent it going forward, and whether or not the months of ads previously viewed will be credited.

If you don’t get credited (as I didn’t, not since July), go here again: and file another ticket. My browser said awards have arrived but… I don’t know, I guess we can’t trust our browser?

Good luck, and let us all know what they tell you. Maybe everything is just super backed up and we will both be caught up in a few days. Or maybe this whole thing of fixing every few weeks and waiting to see if they retroactive credit you for attention paid is becoming no longer worth it.

Also, great user name HAHAHA!!

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No more BATs to pay the customers

Not for a few months now, it would seem…

I sincerely hope they are working this out… it is fast becoming not worth the time and energy to participate.

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