My Brave Rewards Experience

I started around February and i earned only 2 BAT but when pay out is already processing it got suddenly decreased without reason so i check this forum and found out that the token suddenly disappeared is just a bug so its fine i could wait for a fix for that. When the payment came the reward system only credited .500 BAT and most of my earnings didnt come and only save i guess in that estimated earnings. So basically, what i earned full will not be carried over in the wallet only a fraction of it. When March payout came this April my estimated earnings is around already 5.5 BAT (including the one that they didnt credited). But, I just got surprised again that they did decreased it again by 2.593 BAT and i got notified through the widget that the BAT they decreased is what will be credited in my wallet. So overall no problems with that. But when I successfully got the BAT through the captcha process, I only got 2.500 BAT and the .93 didnt credited. They only rounded it off i guess and the remaining BAT is gone. I dont know if it got back in estimated earnings. Overall, I already have 3 BAT in wallet.

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