I lost my brave rewards

hey I lost around 2.85 bat from my pending rewards
In total I had 4.85 but now I only left with 2.015
That’s not fair Brave , even last month I had not received my full payment and now this issue
please Help me .

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Hey @akash5 !

This is a known issue where there is a discrepancy with the Estimated BAT counter, see here → Heads up: Estimated pending rewards counter fix

Also if you do not receive the full payment of Estimated Earnings into your Brave wallet, the remainder go over into the next months payout period. This will result in an incorrect reading in how much BAT you actually have accumulated. As long as you are seeing BAT deposit into your wallet during payouts, your wallet is working as intended.

I hope this helped clarify the issue!



so how will I receive them back?


Hello I have had multiple devices over the 3 years using this app. And I have never figured out how to recover/receive my rewards. Now I may have used different emails on some devices those emails would be . dustinbulot1@gmail.com ace.ace.mh22@gmail.com dustin.bulot.iu20@gmail.com and maybe rocksqaud101@gmail.com

So if elwe can figure out how to retrieve some of this loss I would love that and I never was in my wallets. At less I don’t believe so.

You didn’t lose anything. There was a glitch in the system that gave the appearance that you earned more than you actually did. That glitch has now been fixed.

Please start your own thread. Your issue is unrelated to the topic of this thread. Be sure to provide all of the trouble-shooting information that is requested in the template that will automatically appear when you start a thread.

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