Just like others, half of my BAT is gone [BRAVE DESKTOP]

Okay, I’m gonna give as much detail as possible.
So today, April 6th which was my next payment for April, I joined brave in February. Last month, I earned my first 1.000 BAT, and about an hour ago my BAT Rewards (AKA Estimated earnings so far this) is 1.180 BAT. But then a claim notification from the browser pops up (because it’s the payment day). When I press claim, suddenly, half of my Brave Rewards I earned from February is GONE!


Now I only have 0.530 BAT, and 0.750 BAT in my temporary wallet (I haven’t reach 25 yet due to the shutdown of referral program for new creators).bat2

When I check my Brave Rewards wallet activity (Monthly statement), the ingoing BAT transfer on February and March is totally GONE too. I only have the recent reward claim from today’s payment. This is confusing… Waaay confusing…

No… I didn’t have auto contribute on. And I doubt worst thing will happen if I reset the cache or something (I guess).

Any thoughts and suggestions?

Hi @RIcohLA, payments are still processing. Please see this thread for updates - April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.

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